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Organic Carrots

Fresh Vegetables from Nilgiri Mountain Range

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Fresh Vegetables - Farm to Table

Experience the high-altitude magic with Strollearth's 3-kilo Nutri-Blend! Our curated vegetable basket from the Nilgiris delivers both nutrition and incredible value, ensuring you save big while savoring the freshest goodness nature has to offer!

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Hey there! Our 3 kilo Basket of Veggies and greens is filled with three different varieties of fresh vegetables and greens, one kilo each selected for its variety, taste and nutritional value.

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Vegetable Farm

Fresh Vegetables Online | Strollearth

Order vegetables online from Strollearth for fresh produce delivered to your doorstep in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Mysore. Quality and convenience guaranteed!

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Are you tired of searching for fresh vegetables in crowded supermarkets? Say goodbye to the hassle with Strollearth! Enjoy the ease of ordering vegetables online from the comfort of your home in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Mysore. Our delivery network ensures that you receive the freshest produce every time.

At Strollearth, we understand the importance of quality and freshness in every meal. That's why we source our vegetables directly from trusted farms of Nilgiris, ensuring that they are free from harmful chemicals. From everyday staples like carrots, potatoes and Beetroot, to seasonal favorites like zucchini, broccoli, avocados and organic strawberries and the healthy spring onions, we have everything you need to create delicious and healthy meals for your family.

We take pride in our packaging standards, ensuring that your vegetables reach you in perfect condition. While you are paying for your delivery, you can trust that your order will arrive as fresh as if it were just picked from the farm. With Strollearth, you can say goodbye to wilted veggies and bruised fruits – our meticulous selection and packaging process ensures that every item is delivered to you in pristine condition.

Not only do we prioritize quality, but we also ensure affordability by maintaining a minimum order quantity of one kilogram. Compare our prices to those of your local market, and you'll realize that while you may pay a slightly higher premium upfront, the superior quality more than compensates for it in the long run.

So why wait? Take the plunge and order your veggies online from Strollearth today! Delight in the convenience of having fresh produce delivered straight to your doorstep. Our wide selection of farm-fresh vegetables, sourced directly from the lush farms of Nilgiris, ensures an unparalleled quality that will elevate your vegetable shopping experience. Be sure to explore our website for a tantalizing array of Nilgiri exotic vegetables, vibrant greens, creamy avocados, and luscious organic strawberries – your taste buds are in for a treat!

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