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Essential Oils

For Holistic Health

Freshness. Quality. Assurance. All it takes is a single drop of this unique essential oil blend to make your day feel fresh and delicious. Let the natural fragrance of basil, eucalyptus and peppermint calm you, or try something new like clary sage for an invigorating energy boost.

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Pure Essential Oil from Nilgiris

An essential oil is the concentrated aromatic distillate of an herb or other plant. Essential oils are highly concentrated chemical compounds, which contain more than one terpene (such as carvacrol and limonene). True scents are highly volatile compounds produced by the plant, extracted during distillation or expressed as essence or gemstone oils. The most common essential oils by weight are bergamot orange, clary sage, eucalyptus and peppermint. Crushed leaves from a crushed aromatic herb or other plant are also used whole in aromatherapy to release scent; however it is rare to find them in commerce. Extremely pure floral essences are fresh-made, pressed from fresh blossoms using non-aqueous extraction methods such as steam distillation. The term pure is important because some water-based extracts may be diluted with carrier oils and can contain traces of additives such as parabens and alcohols that are not necessary for use in aromatherapy products.

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