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Farm Fresh: For healthier choice

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

The fresh veggies and fruits sold in our store are directly sourced from Nilgiri Hills of Tamilnadu.

Our farms are spread across Ooty, Coonoor and other nearby small villages of the Nilgiri biosphere and our produce are grown in lands with fertile soil situated at higher altitude resulting in high quality output. The freshness of the hills can be felt in each vegetable or a fruit unique only to the Nilgiri region.

The first grade produce is what gets sold in our store to make sure the healthiest and best lot gets into the carts of our customers. Our produce are with high nutritious values and eventually tastes great when it gets into the plate.

A well balanced mix of traditional and modern agricultural techniques are being employed to assist our skillful farm keepers.

Every purchase made from our store will be making a positive impact on the lives of the local farmers and does help them in improving their livelihood.

Whenever there is a purchase in our Strollearth Store, our team in the hills will procure the fresh vegetables, fruits or berries directly from the farms and initiate the packaging and shipping process, thus assuring only freshly grown produce are sent to our customers and not sourced from a warehouse.

Check out our Fresh Collection - Here!

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
Farm Fresh Vegetables

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