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KYC - Know your coffee

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Discovery - A goat herder discovered coffee in the 1500s. When his goats ate coffee cherries, he observed the goats got a lot of energy and couldn't sleep at night.

What is it - Coffee is a fruit and the coffee bean is a seed! They grow on the flowering bushes, therefore coffee ultimately is fruit production

Types - Arabica and Robusta

Arabica - Originated from Ethiopia and came to the limelight in the region Arabica Peninsula where it was cultivated to be known as Arabica Coffee now. Forms 60% of worlds coffee production.

High quality arabica coffee should have a slightly sweet flavor, with hints of chocolate, nuts, and caramel. You may also notice hints for fruit and berries. There will be a slight/pleasant acidity, and a little bitterness. Cold brewing coffee can help bring out the sweet flavors of arabica even more.

Likes to be grown in hilly regions at around 1900+ feet and likes humidity

Robusta - Your choice if looking for a caffeine punch, it has twice the amount of caffeine what Arabica has.

Has its origins in central and western sub-Saharan Africa.

Lower Lipid & Sugar content than Arabica and hence tastes a bit bitter. Robusta coffee tastes earthy and is often said to have a bitter, rubbery/grain-like flavor, with a peanutty aftertaste.

Most of the instant coffee and espresso blends use Robusta beans.

Bean identification - Robusta beans are more circular and Arabica are oval in shape

Production - Brazil grows most of the worlds coffee.

The state of Karnataka is the highest producer of coffee in India. Sakleshpur and Chikmagalur are the two prominent places growing coffee, they are extremely picturesque and favourites among travel enthusiasts.

And with this grown coffee knowledge it’s time to drink the brew, this time - Strollearth Specialty Coffee, sourced from the estates of Sakleshpur & Chikmagalur, we bring you the best coffee sourced, roasted and packed from its origin.

Ours is Single Origin Coffee and its premium coffee flavours brings out the taste notes extremely well into each Cup of Joe

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