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Handmade Natural Soaps

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

What’s this?- These are Natural and Organic handmade soaps

Why was this made? - Soaps are the most used skin care product and most of them are with harmful chemicals which skin absorb and eventually, let’s not get deep into it, they are just harmful when it gets into our blessed body. So to make ones which are good for our skin, body and mind we started making these bars of soaps with natural elements like organic and essential oils, flowers and seed giving our skin a natural cleanser having all the goodness of nature.

As the awareness is growing on using natural based products for skincare for its wellness and safety as against chemical based products which effects ones health as our skin absorbs the harmful ingredients into our bodies. We from Strollearth wanted to bring naturally made skincare products into our store.

To start with we have partnered with a group of passionate women from Goa who are having their expertise in natural based handmade soaps.

The soaps will have natural ingredients and are safe for skin. The goodness just doesn't end with the things used to make these soaps but also in giving a soothing experience while using it.

Why handmade - The human touch makes things better when made with love and care. Our soaps are made in a very hygienic environment, we have you covered here! We have employed women from Goa so the local skilled resources gets into use and also provide employment opportunities. We also locally source all ingredients like organic coconut oil, flowers, seeds etc thus contributing back to the community. Your purchasing will always be a fulfilling one!

How about offers - We are running an awareness campaign on the use of natural products in skin care and thought we can drop our prices to draw people’s interest and Monsoon is a good time to do :) it’s a good offer - it’s Flat 30% off for all combo packages and 20% off on single bars of Joy

Do give a try and we assure on the blissful experience you’ll have.

The offer we mentioned is on for a short while, do buy it soon. Click on the below link to shop -

Natural Soaps

Natural Organic Soaps
Natural Soaps

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