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The single origin coffee!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Incase you are searching for what it means by single origin coffee, it is coffee beans grown and handpicked in a single geographical region mostly from a coffee estate of an area ranging between few tens to hundreds of acres.

It is the coffee industries equivalent to Single malt, single vineyard, single origin. The terms are used to signal higher quality. For Scotch, single malt (single grain) refers to the blends of whiskey from a single producer, whereas for wine, single vineyard refers to a certain block of a vineyard or the entire vineyard where all the fruit is grown. Similarly for coffee it is the coffee produce from a single coffee estate.

Our coffee is grown and sourced from Harley estate in Sakleshpur which is spread across 400 acres. Best in class coffee growing techniques are used and is of export standards. The highest quality of coffee is grown and processed to form a finest blend of Medium Dark roast to give out the best of flavours justifying the premium price this coffee sells at when compared to normal variants found in regular coffee roasters.

A true coffee drinker would certainly appreciate the flavours and the aroma of the premium coffee sold in our Strollearth Store.

Check out our two variants - Here!

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